Inova is investor centric.

Investor's funds are always managed in escrow by a third party law firm. This provides 100% investor security. Making Inova a trustless company.

High-end real estate is where the gold is

High-end exclusive real estate holds high profit margins. Whether you invest $100 or $1m, the percentage return remains in the realms of 20-45%

Tokenization of Investment Strategies in Real Estate

Inova opens the doors to fractionalized investment into Dubai's real estate market. This allows the investor to decide how much capital is allocated.

Welcome to Inova

Opening the doors for any category of investor to be part of larger investment deals

We provide an investment spec that is tokenized with legal backing, ensuring compliance is met, allowing for even small investors to be part of large investment plans.

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Why Inova

Inova, together with our key partners, consists of 45 leading experts to ensure every corner of our venture together is covered.

Providing Investor Security

Inova has partnerned with SchindlersX. SchindlersX provides complete oversight over all compliance, legal, auditing, and fund management. This ensures the investor with complete security over their funds every step of the way.

3-tiered investment

We have tiered our strategies into 3 different milestones of raise: Silver, Gold, and Platinum

Ease of investment

Investing is as easy as sending via exchange, metamask wallet, or via banking payment gateway.

Investor Security

Investors enjoy complete oversight and legal backing from Schindlers. This ensures security over your funds every step of the way.


Fractionalised (co-ownership) investing, is the easiest and most affordable way for anyone to jump into real estate. Dubai has maintained record growth yearly. It is time to invest, The Inova way.

Own a part of exclusive and luxury property

Targeted ROI of 20-45%

With Inova and SchindlersX, you can sit back and feel secure in your investment

Dive into Dubai's Future

through Tokenized Real Estate

Why Inova

In a landscape teeming with investment opportunities, Inova stands out as a beacon of innovation and promise in the world of real estate. With a unique approach to tokenized investments and a strategic focus on Dubai's dynamic property market, Inova presents a compelling case for investors seeking growth, inclusivity, and a forward-thinking investment experience.


Team of experts


Team combined real estate deals


Average investment ROI on team combined deals


Available around the clock


2022Inception of InovaJAN 2023Conducted market research and validationFEB 2023Developed a comprehensive business plan outlineAPR 2023Identify key partners crucial for the project's successMAY 2023Establish a strategic partnership with Veer & SantSEP 2023Partnership with Schindlers,Listing on SchindlersXNOV 2023Brand establishment,WhitepaperDEC 2023Corporate structure planningMAR 2024Company incorporation in Dubai and licensingQ2 2024INV1 Investment spec to go liveQ1 2025Increase tokenized offerings and services (Hold model- Monthly rental dividends)


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