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Inova Property’s Trustless Model: Ensuring Transparency and Security for Investors

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Funds Held in Escrow

All funds raised through the sale of our Service Tokens (FLIP & HOLD) are held in escrow management by Schindlers Attorneys, a reputable law firm known for their expertise in escrow services. This arrangement ensures that the funds are securely stored and only released for their intended purposes, providing an additional layer of security for our investors.

Oversight by an Appointed Integrity Officer

To further enhance the integrity of our operations, all payments towards the project or portfolio are subject to approval by an appointed Integrity Officer from Schindlers. This officer is responsible for overseeing the disbursement of funds and ensuring that every payment aligns with the agreed-upon terms and conditions. This stringent oversight mechanism prevents any possibility of fund mismanagement or the presentation of spoofed figures.

Investor Peace of Mind

By entrusting the management of raised funds to Schindlers Attorneys and appointing an Integrity Officer to oversee all transactions, we offer our investors unparalleled peace of mind. This trustless model eliminates the need for blind faith in our company, as the security and appropriate use of funds are guaranteed through a robust and transparent system.

Key Benefits of the Trustless Model

Enhanced Security: Funds are securely held in escrow, protecting them from unauthorized access or misuse.

Transparency: The oversight by an Integrity Officer ensures that all financial transactions are transparent and verifiable.

Accountability: Every payment and disbursement is subject to rigorous scrutiny, ensuring that funds are used as intended.

Investor Confidence: Knowing that their investments are protected and managed with integrity builds investor confidence and trust in our projects.

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