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What is Inova and what do we do?

Inova provides a diverse array of investment opportunities across Dubai. Our offerings range from private residence projects and property redevelopment to comprehensive portfolio strategies.

Our team, comprised of seasoned real estate development professionals, possesses a thorough understanding of Dubai's market dynamics. This includes in-depth knowledge of regulatory norms, legal structures, local financing options, and business frameworks, ensuring that your investment journey with us is seamless and efficient. Our commitment lies in delivering an unparalleled experience, fostering enduring relationships with all our investors.

Where does Inova operate?

Inova is incorporated in Dubai and set up as a holding and operations company in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), we can tailor the framework to align with the regulatory and operational environment in the UAE.

How do we tokenize assets?

Partnered with Schindlers, they provide the framework and ecosystem that allows us to tokenize RWA and investment raises.

With a steadfast commitment to stringent legal oversight, they offer a dynamic marketplace for investors to acquire these tokenized real world assets, fostering a new era of investment possibilities

What are the benefits of tokenization of assets with Inova?

At Inova, we open the previously closed doors to smaller investors to be involved in large, lucrative projects. In addition this allows the higher wealth investors the ability to diversify by allowing them to invest as much as they see fit per each project.

Increased Liquidity: Tokenization allows illiquid assets to be divided into digital tokens, offering fractional ownership and easier transferability, thus broadening investment access.

Global Market Access: Investors can trade digital tokens representing assets globally, enhancing market reach and efficiency.

Fractional Ownership: Tokenization democratizes investment by enabling smaller investments in high-value assets, diversifying portfolios without hefty capital requirements.

Efficiency and Transparency: Blockchain ensures transparent record-keeping, reducing administrative costs and fostering trust among investors.

Lower Entry Barriers: Tokenization lowers minimum investment thresholds, inviting a wider range of investors, both retail and institutional.

Compliance and Security: Inova's framework adheres to regulations and employs robust security measures, safeguarding investor assets. This includes Schindlers taking control of

Value Unlocking: Tokenization unlocks value in illiquid assets, facilitating capital formation and asset monetization.

Diversification: Investors can diversify portfolios across asset classes, spreading risk and optimizing performance.

Are the tokenization of assets regulated?

Schindlers provides all compliance and legal due diligence on every project in it’s entirety for the safety of the investor and Inova.

How are investors' funds secured?

Funds are securely held in an escrow account overseen by our integrity officer, Schinders, and is viewable within the Schindlersx marketplace user panel.

What is Schindler's role in this on Inovas part?
  • Schindlers provides Inova with complete solutions in compliance and legal regard.
  • Manages the escrow account, ensuring funds are allocated correctly within each project.
  • Schindlers appoints an integrity officer to provide oversight for the duration of the project
  • Schindlers provides the market place in a safe and compliant manner for investors peace of mind
What is Schindler's role in this on the Investors part?

Schindlers appoints an Integrity Officer which serves as a point of contact for token purchasers, answering inquiries, providing guidance, and addressing any concerns or issues they may have. They facilitate effective communication between the marketplace and the users to enhance transparency and trust. In case of disputes between token purchasers and sellers, the Integrity Officer acts as a mediator and facilitator. They review the evidence provided by both parties, conduct investigations if necessary, and work towards resolving the conflict in a fair and unbiased manner.

In addition, if a company you have invested in on SchindlersX defaults, instead of feeling helpless, Schindlers Attorneys step in as your reliable allies. Their dedicated legal team will actively pursue debt recovery on your behalf, ensuring that your investment is not lost. With Schindlers Attorneys by your side, you can regain your investment confidence, knowing that your financial interests are vigorously protected in the face of adversity. * This service is limited to projects where Schindler's Protection is offered and is subject to the Schindlers Protection terms and conditions.

What sets Inova apart from competition?

Well firstly, being a very niche operation, Inova has currently very limited competition.

In addition, due to our structure where Inova provides the investor with the utmost security over funds by the oversight & management of Schindlers, we know that foundationally we are set for continuous rise in this industry.

How do I invest?

Investing has never been made easier. SchindlersX, enables integration with Binance Pay, allowing you to tap into the vast Binance global community and offer convenient payment options. Additionally, their mastercard merchant licence enables smooth transactions through Paygate, expanding the reach of the project’s offerings.

All projects also benefit from seamless integration with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and wallets. This includes popular options like MetaMask and WalletConnect, opening up a world of possibilities to invest by means of your crypto.

Is it possible to trade or sell Real-World Asset tokens on other marketplaces?

In ability to do so, yes! However, Inova has opted to have the investor’s capital value kept secure by not opening the token to secondary markets.

How are funds utilised once a raise has completed?

Depending on the milestone met per raise, the strategy may differ slightly. For our silver, gold and platinum tiers, the strategy is fairly constant.Upon completion of raise: Property/s are sourced using our partner Veer & SantSchindlers provides all necessary due diligence checks to approve the investment

Property is purchased

Design & Development begins, thoroughly planning the renovation spec, including any planning approvals required, detailing everything from a VR walkthrough, CGI models and required materials.

Suppliers and renovators receive payment in five installments, corresponding to completion milestones. Each payment represents 20% of the total renovation budget, ensuring fair compensation for completed phases.

House is put on market from the moment of D&D phase completion.

The final part is the aim of exit. This is commonly ready before renovations are complete, as the property will be listed on market whilst development is in progress.Schindlers steps back in to oversee all financial transactionsInvestors capital investment and profits are provided back to the token pool

Investors can now claim their original investment and their ROI against their token.

What is a flip debenture?
  1. Capital Raising: An entity issues a flip debenture to investors to raise capital specifically for the acquisition of land or properties that are seen as having good potential for development and a subsequent increase in value.
  2. Profit-Sharing Mechanism: The flip debenture has a built-in mechanism for profit-sharing, meaning that once the land or properties are sold, the profits are distributed to investors according to the terms agreed upon at issuance.
  3. Development and Sale: The issuer utilizes the raised funds to develop the land or renovate the properties, aiming to enhance their market value. After development, the properties are sold at a profit, ideally in a short timeframe to align with the flipping strategy.
  4. Risks and Rewards: The risk to investors is substantial because they rely entirely on the success of the property development and the market conditions at the time of sale. If the project does not yield a profit, or if the market conditions are unfavorable, investors may not see a return on their investment.
  5. Investor Profile: This type of instrument would likely appeal to speculative investors who are willing to accept higher risks for the chance of a higher return, depending on the success of the flip.
Does Inova provide any other services other than tokenization of RWA?

You can view our Services page here.

We not only offer publicly available services such as our fractionalized investment options, but we also provide them in a private capacity.

Our services cater to both private and institutional investors who are interested in entering the digital space and utilizing tokenization for their assets.

We assist them in developing strategies to maximize their own returns and those of their clients.

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